Viridian is licensed to manufacture IDOT certified virgin and recycled aggregates at our Woodstock Quarry located at Lily Pond Road and Route 14 Road.

Contact us for a quote on the following products:

Crushed Stone:

3” CA1 Limestone
IDOT ¾ Chips #021CM11 (FT) & 041CM11
IDOT 3/8 Chips #031CM16
Commercial CA6
IDOT CA6 #041CM06
RR3 Limestone
RR4 Limestone
RR5 Limestone


Bulk Clay
Bulk Top Soil


Recycled Stone:

IDOT Recycled Asphalt #017CM01
IDOT Recycled CA6 #019CM06
IDOT Recycled CA6 #059CM06
Recycled Commercial 3”
Recycled Commercial CA6Round Stone:
Commercial 6-Stone
IDOT 6-Stone #020CM11 (FT)
IDOT Pea Gravel #020CM16


IDOT Sand #016FM06
IDOT Washed Sand #027FM02

We accept clean asphalt, concrete and fill.